Kanazawa golden leaf



藩の文化奨励策で能や茶の湯などが 盛んに行われ、


創造し続けてきた企業です。その昔、箔の用途は仏壇仏具用がほとんどで した。

しかし『これだけの材料をつくれるのだから商品も自分たちで つくればいい

化粧品など全く新しい箔の用途を次々に開拓した業界では 革新的な企業です。


Kanazawa golden leaf

Delicate and luxurious

In Japan, Kanazawa accounts for more than 98% of Japan’s gold leaf production volume.
They furnish some of the most iconic buddhist temples of the country, such as Kinkakuji in Kyoto and Nikko’s Toshogu Shrine.

It is also used for various crafts with high historical value, surch as lacquerware and ceramics.
36 varieties of gold leaves has been inherited from the era of the first generation Kaga lord, Maeda Toshiya.
Among all the traditional arts like Noh theater and tea ceremony, gold leaf has developed as cultural incentive measures of the clan.

It is said that in this land in the west of Japan, there is a “craftsman temperament” that is patiently transmitted from generation to generation.
The patience, love and dedication to their own art and technique are charasteristics of those exceptional craftsmen.

Innovative atelier

Camonde collaborates with an atelier that possess a new culture of foil making in Kanazawa.
It is a company that is producing quality material since a long time.
Long ago, golden foil was mostly used for Buddhist altar and cult tools.

However, this atelier’s way of thinking is the following :
“Since we already mastered this material, let’s extend our production and find new items to create”.
That’s when they started producing edible gold leaf.

Then, this innovative company has been a pioneer in making applications of foil
in totally new products such as cosmetics.