First of all, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those suffering from the new coronavirus and to all those who are having anxious and painful days.

In addition, I would like to express my heartfelt homage to all medical staff, governments, and all those who work to maintain their lifelines, who are on the front lines day and night in response to the new coronavirus.

I was wondering whether we could do anything for us, and whether our work is good for the world.
And since I want to start from what I can do, I decided to donate part of the sales from this month to the end of this year to peace winds japan. It will be delivered to the medical site such as procurement of medical protective equipment such as protective clothing, masks, antiseptic solutions and treatment equipment so that medical personnel can treat it more safely. It seems that it will take longer than originally expected, and it seems that support will be needed for a long time.

The world is endless and the feeling of blockage is widespread, but what we can do is to make products that make the mood radiant and enrich the lives of people around the world by making products that are polite and richer and more peaceful. I would like to contribute to the realization of a successful society.
We sincerely pray for the end of the new coronavirus infection and the health of everyone.

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