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当ブランドの代表は日本でアパレル会社で働いた後にフランス パリに渡り6年程住んでいました。

海外から見ると日本には 素晴らしい文化や伝統、完成度が高く細やかなもの作りや伝統的な技術、
素材、優れた人材など多くの 良い所があると気づかされました。

います。 そして世界の人達に届ける架け橋になれたらと思います。
文化を継承するか如く、 私達が作った製品が親から子へ、子から孫へ受け継ぐ事が

The representative of our brand worked at an apparel company in Japan and then moved to Paris, France, where he lived for about 6 years.While living in Paris, I worked in the fashion industry.

From an overseas perspective, Japan has a wonderful culture and tradition, highly complete and detailed craftsmanship, and traditional techniques.
I realized that there are many good things about the company, such as the materials and excellent human resources.
We established this brand with the desire to create high quality and sophisticated products based on these.

We believe that our role is to help as many people as possible, both domestically and internationally, feel the goodness of Japan closer to them and in their daily lives.
is. And I hope to be a bridge to reach people around the world.
Just like inheriting a culture, we hope that the products we make will be passed down from parents to children and from children to grandchildren.
We aim to make things that we can love.

Founder Hayashi Kazunori

Hayashi Kazunori


2005 8月〜11月
Veronique Leroy


2007 〜2010
Rue du Mail by Martine Sitbon


Bunka Fashion College – Tokyo

Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne – Paris