Black urushi lacquerware



高める 効果のほか、

木を素材としたものに対して漆とともに金を使うことで耐久性を 高めて、


金は、漆の色との相性がよく、 漆黒の中に金が入ることで華やかさが生まれ、
朱漆や白漆のなかに金を使うことで、 朱や白漆の本来の色が一層引き立ちます。
最近のモダンなライフスタイルの中でも、 器の中にさりげなく金色を使うことで


Kanazawa golden leaf

A traditional craft

In Japan, lacquerware is almost always associated with the feeling of “gold”.
However, the precious metal can either be gold of silver leaf.

Largely used in Shinto Shrines for decoration items,
we are also using gold with lacquer more casually for everyday wood-based products.

The strenght of this association is to provide customer with strong, durable and beautiful products.

This cultural craft has been used since such a long time,
but had succeded in reaching us in this new era of massive consumption.
We hope to convey objets that lasts because of their extraordinary qualities.

A splendid mix of colors and textures

Golden leaves is highly compatible with the deep color of the lacquer.
When golden material enters into the jet black of the lacquer, true gorgeousness is born.

Otherwhise, by using gold in vermillion and white lacquer,
the original color of vermillion and white lacquer is further improved.

In our modern lifestyles, we can insert touches gold in our bowls or other tableware.
It surely adds a sober but luxurious feeling to Western tables.

In partnership with skilled lacquer craftsmen,
Camonde creates new techniques to add a glamorous touch in your everyday life.