– Because we want to keep the original color of the leather as much as possible, we don’t the color stopping is suppressed as much as possible in the process, so there may be color unevenness. That’s why we ask you to be very cautious when there’s rain or if the product gets in contact with liquid, because it may change the texture and color. It the product is getting wet, please wipe it off immediately.

· Since the surface has been painted many times with lacquer, the more you will use the product, the more the luster of lacquer will increases and you can enjoy a secular change.

· Please note that the lacquer itself may be peeled off by friction or contact with a hard surface. Please be aware that if the lacquer is worn off, it can’t be painted all over again. So we recommend that you put it carefully in your bag or the inner pocket of the jacket, and avoid putting it in the back pocket of your pants etc.

· Be careful to not expose the product to sunlight for a long time, or the luster may discoloration and fading may occur.

· Since the lacquer used in this product is completely dried, there is little fogging due to lacquer. However, in rare cases rash may occur and cause burns.
At that time stop using the product and consult a specialist.

· About daily maintenance, the product should be wiped periodically to remove dirt on the surface. Ideally, wipe the surface and interior every 2 to 3 months.

· As you are using the product and it gets repeatedly rubbed, appearance may change to an astringent gloss feeling which differs from the initial gloss feeling.

· Unlike ordinary smooth leather, use of leather cream is not recommended for lacquer leather so much. It may cause unintended scientific reactions.
If you still want to try to use it, please first try it in an small place for testing.
If it looks fine, please use a small amount of cream only for monthly maintenance.

About gold processing

· Since the surface gold processing is coated with chemicals or lacquer on gold, it should not be peeled off even with light friction. However, please be aware that it may come off due to contact with hard objects.

· Usually, the golden gloss will increase over time.